Warm weather is finally upon us here at our Ford dealership in York, ME and we can't be happier. After a lengthy winter season of bitter cold and heavily-salted and pothole-ridden roads, it's always a sensible idea to have your vehicle closely looked at and maintained prior to setting off on any summer adventures you might have planned. Here are our five summer maintenance tips we encourage you to complete at a certified Ford service center like ours at Key Ford of York.

  1. Check Your Coolant System: The primary cause of breakdowns during the summer months is overheating. All the jostling your vehicle has taken throughout the winter over frost heaves and potholes may have caused a weakened hose or joint connection to break leading to a small coolant leak. In that respect, it's generally a good idea to check the coolant level in your vehicle and have one of our certified mechanics inspect the connection points near the engine block.
  2. Routine Oil Change: Engine oil is the main lubricant that keeps your vehicle running optimally. It's not uncommon for dust, grime, and other impurities to break through oil filters. This can lead to oil turning to sludge and ultimately cause engine parts to fail if left unattended. An oil change is a quick and easy way to prepare for summer vacationing and road tripping.
  3. Have Your Air Conditioning Repaired: Another simple and quick fix? Have your air conditioning system tuned and repaired. One of our qualified Ford service mechanics will happily take care of the leak in little to no time at all.
  4. Complete a Quick Four-Wheel-Alignment: Lastly, many York, ME drivers don't have to be reminded about having their seasonal tires changed. However, many also choose to complete four-wheel-alignments before each season of driving. This is especially sensible after the winter as the roads throughout the northeast are generally pockmarked with large potholes that can throw your wheels out of their true alignment.

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