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It's Your Last Chance to Get a Great Deal on 2019 Ford Models at Key Ford of York

Yes, it's now 2020, but we know that you're still just as excited as us to see the older 2019 variants of the Ford brand. Purchasing a year-older model is actually a smart decision. You get almost the same vehicle at a deep discount. And why not? Every penny saved at our York, ME dealership is a penny earned.

When you buy a Ford, no matter what year it is, you are purchasing a piece of American history. This brand is known for revolutionizing the car manufacturing industry when they started the assembly line more than a century ago with the Model T by Henry Ford. If you have a Ford in your garage, you can rest easy knowing you have a quality car that has withstood the test of time.

Choose Amongst Ford F-Series Truck Models

If you are looking for a beast that's tough on the road, a 2019 model from the F-series fits the bill. Whether you need a light-duty truck or a full-sized muscle machine for your drives around Portsmouth, NH, there's one out there to suit your needs You can pick from a F-150, F-250, F-350, or F-150 Raptor, which all have different engines under the hood depending on your chosen trim.

Moreover, your cab and truck bed can also be configured based on what you need. Any F-series truck will allow you to pull your daily workload without breaking into a sweat. It has a spectacular towing capacity that will also work wonders on your weekend fun, like towing a boat or a campervan. No matter what pickup truck model you choose, you will get a dependable workhorse vehicle that manages to stay effortlessly elegant.

A Toss Up Between the Ford Escape or EcoSport

If you are a family of five and you are looking to buy a vehicle that's more stately than a sedan with higher ground clearance, then a compact crossover is the right one for you. Now, you'll just have a hard time choosing between these two compact Ford SUVs. So will it be an Escape or an EcoSport?

Both are amazingly good vehicles that will serve as an excellent daily commuter in Wells, ME, with their top-notch fuel consumption rating. The two mini SUVs also perform exceptionally well with an awesome ride quality, great handling, comfy interiors, and fantastic tech features. The Escape and EcoSport also come with almost the same interior layout that assures your comfort with expansive legroom and spacious cargo hold.

However, the similarity ends there. The Ecosport has the price advantage of being more affordable. The EcoSport is also a bit smaller than the Escape, though they both sit five people. Because of this, the Escape comes with a little bit more features. When it comes to the final decision, it will all boil down to your budget and your preferences.

Ford's Commitment to Excellence

When you buy any Ford vehicle at our dealership near Rochester, NH, you can expect them to be equipped with a high tech infotainment system. Phone connectivity is also not an issue with the Ford Passport, BlueTooth, USB ports, Apple CarPlay, and Android Auto. You also get a lot of features like generous cubbyholes, interior door pockets, a rear camera, comfy cushions, and more.

Apart from this, Ford cars come with a bevy of safety features to keep you safe on the road. The differences in the nitty-gritty come to the model type and the trim levels you opt for. Rest assured, you will be in a secure car as Ford consistently performs well in crash tests and insurance safety ratings.

Visit Key Ford of York Near Dover, NH to Learn More

If you want to see what we are gushing about, come over and visit us to peruse our collection of 2019 Ford vehicles. Our product specialists are excited to go over specific details with you, so you can choose the best unit to fit your lifestyle. Feel the real power of a Ford by taking your favorite on a test drive today. We look forward to working with you soon at Key Ford of York near Portland, ME!